Over the past year we have had many inquiries about recycling and why we currently do not offer the service. While recycling plays an important part in protecting our environment, it is not always a feasible option when collected house by house. Even though some recycle materials have some value, many have been misled to believe it is profitable. Last year, recycle commodity markets took a major dive in value and most recycle processing facilities around the country have started to actually CHARGE for waste haulers to bring them their recycling they collect on route. Locally, these fees range from $12.00 per ton to as high as $48 per ton. To put things in retrospect, trash tipping fees range between $18/ton and $32/ton in the area. So in our case, it would cost more to dispose of the recycling we collect than the trash! So simply put, for us to provide Recycle collection we would have to charge more to collect it now than we charge for trash service.

Beware of Unethical Practices in Recycling

At times, and particularly in markets where the customers are very spread out in a rural area, haulers will offer the service, and even charge customers separately for it, but not actual recycle what is collected. In addition, some communities will push recycling and tell residents they can recycle items that are not actually recyclable locally, or a large amount of materials gets put into the trash anyway. One thing to always be aware of is not to bag your recycling unless you are part of a special bag program for recycling. Recycle center personnel are limited on their time and do not normally tear open the bags to get the materials out so they simply go down the line and end up in the trash pile.

Be on the watch for haulers who:

  • Collect the recycling into the same truck as the garbage
  • If they dump it directly into the back of the truck with the other trash, it is going to the landfill, not recycle center
  • Some will put it up behind the cab and then later when they are down the road, pull it out and throw it in the back with the garbage
  • If there is not a full Material Recovery Facility (MRF- Recycle Center) within 15 miles, chances are the recycling is being trashed
  • Aside from the disposal cost, travel time is the other major factor involved in recycle service efficiency
  • Currently the closest one may be the one in Colorado Springs
  • If a hauler is not using that facility, the recycling may be going into the trash

In the future it is our intention to provide these services in Elizabeth, Kiowa and some subdivisions along the way, as long as it makes economic sense to our customers. We have also considered locating a drop off for recyclable materials at our new location that should be opening by the end of summer, but that will largely depend on permitting and prevention of illegal dumping. In the meantime, see the list of area DROP-OFF locations for recycling shown below. Also you might enjoy reviewing our list of standard Recyclable items. Also Greenleaf would encourage customers to continue to practice the three R’s: REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE, with emphasis on the first two. Check out some ways you can do Reduce and reuse now. 

Download Recycle Guide

Green Leaf Waste Solutions Recycle Options


Sedalia Landfill- plastic bottles, cans, paper, cardboard, glass (no books or magazines) 

5970 N. Hwy 85, Sedalia,CO 80135

Call before dropping off (720)733-8584


Separated recycling locations: 

Saddle Rock Golf Maintenance Center- Separated: paper and magazines/ glass and plastics (no. 1-7)/ and steel, aluminum, copper, brass and other metals/ political yard signage.

21710 E. Arapahoe Rd. Aurora, CO 80016

Recycling Hotline: (303)739-7173

Monday- Friday 7 a.m. -1 p.m.

Central Facilities Center- Seperated: paper and magazines/ glass and plastics (no. 1-7)/ and steel, aluminum, copper, brass and other metals/ political yard signage.

13646 E. Ellsworth Ave. Aurora, CO 80016

Recycling Hotline: (303)739-7173

Monday- Friday 7 a.m. -1 p.m.


Compost Locations:

Denver Arapaho Disposal Site - Compost food waste, scrap metal, single stream, white goods, tires, wood.

3500 S. Gun Club Rd. Aurora, CO 80046

(720) 977-2102

Monday- Friday from 6 a.m. - 8:30 p.m. and Saturdays from 7 a.m. - 5 p.m.