The thought of the holidays quite often brings to mind the opportunity to take a day off work and maybe even spend time with family and friends. Greenleaf employees look forward to these opportunities too.

Some holidays result in an adjustment to our regular pickup schedules. And yes, unfortunately, route personnel end up working the following Saturday to make up for the time lost for these holidays.

Every year, we are flooded with phone calls from confused customers. We find many either set out waste on days that are not observed holidays or set out waste on actual holidays, or miss their pick up entirely.

There are SIX major holidays that can affect your service schedule:

  • New Years Day

  • Memorial Day

  • Independence Day (USA)

  • Labor Day

  • Thanksgiving Day

  • Christmas Day

**Please note that these holidays only affect your pickup schedule if the holiday falls during the regular work week. No other holidays will affect your services, even if other area businesses or government offices are closed.


Residential services are affected by the following schedule. Please remember that if your regular pickup day falls on or after the holiday during the regular business week, your pickup day will be delayed by one day.


MONDAY – Pickups are moved to Tuesday, Tuesday to Wednesday, and so forth

TUESDAY – Pickups are moved to Wednesday, Wednesday to Thursday, and so forth

WEDNESDAY – Pickups are moved to Thursday, Thursdays to Friday and so forth

THURSDAY – Pickups are moved to Friday, Friday to Saturday

FRIDAY – Pickups are moved to Saturday


Commercial services are usually delayed for the day of the holiday, but services are caught up by the end of the day Friday. If your business needs require it, we may add you to the Holiday Service List. Additional fee may apply based on your existing services.